Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Red, white and blues

America is starting to see Red due to the white color’s non-accountability for giving us the blues. The start of ‘09 has been a shaky at best. With job losses for the next year projected to be over one million and an unemployment rate pushed up to 7.2% a grand total of 11.1 million of us are out of work. Then pile on the proper or in-proper use of another $350 billion of tax-payer dollars. Come on man?! We need leadership. I’m asking myself what good did the first $350 do? We were sold on the belief that if we gave the banks solvency they would open up the lending lines. Instead, they’ve closed the vault doors with one hand and reached out for more with the other. I’ve never been bear hugged, but I know when I being squeezed. The only other question I have is what can you buy for 700 billion?

Photo credit: www.icedout.info

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