Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Beginning

A cold Tuesday morning in our nation’s capitol, history is forming in the frigid morning air and change is beating in the people’s hearts. Then the moment finally arrives, our 44th President addresses his nation and reassures all who heard that he is our leader. This is a special moment for the world and maybe a new beginning to an old struggle for others. It is time for minority youths especially blacks to rethink how we do things from education, to selecting our leaders and entrepreneurship.

Statistics show two things when it comes to black youth and education. First, the less education one has the less earning power they will be able to obtain over their lifetime. Second, people who have little to no education vote little or not at all. This leads to a perception that they don’t care for their community. Then in turn, government dollars for their school systems go to build bridges to nowhere. Schools are left to deteriorate, roads to crumble, the police force to become crippled and more importantly hopelessness to spread creating what we call a Ghetto.

Next we need to look at who we call our leaders and how we create new leaders. To give an example of how important leadership is to a community, ask yourself how many times you have heard the world’s view of America and it was dramatically different from your view. This is due to our leaders and diplomats representing our country and giving us a good or bad name depending on the job they perform. Minorities and blacks are in desperate need of positive leadership in our communities for them to thrive and survive in the 21st century.

Finally, we need more business men and women who have nothing to do with the music industry to step up and be leaders to our youth. It is time for more blacks and minorities to not only work in the kitchen but to own the restaurant. Our parents, community leaders and the youth themselves need to be taught how and expected to own business, not just for the benefit of their community but for the greater good of the nation.

Photo credit: Las Vegas Sun

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