Thursday, January 8, 2009

Can't we all just get along

When does profiling go too far? When did baggy jeans and your favorite color t-shirt turn from a fashion statement into jail jumper? Due to profiling mixed with lethal aggression two lives have been forever changed; Oscar Grant 22 and Robbie Tolan 23. Oscar’s incident happen at an Oakland Bart station New Years Day. Robbie Tolan was in front of his mother in his parent’s driveway in Bellaire, TX. Both stories have the same plot young blacks approach under mistaken identity, and then shot by a police officer doing his job.
I’m not saying mistakes don’t happen or that every police man or woman has a chip on their badge. I am saying those mistakes can’t afford to happen. I mean seriously, if one of the Full House twins was shot and killed behind racial profiling or mistaken identity…the next week we would have The “Mary-Kate and Ashley law against racial profiling and mistaken identity”. We can never move forward as a culture if we’re only going to judge books by their cover or fight with our fist instead of our heads. In both case these were young men trying to better themselves and their future. Now in both case we know their future. “Be the Change”
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