Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Kettle Calling the Pot Black

Following the aftermath of prop 8 being passed it has been reported that the reason for its success was due to blacks voting. To me that sounds eerily like Jim Crow thinking. In the land of the free and a place where all minorities have struggled four equal rights, why would one group of minorities allow finger pointing at another.
I understand the frustration and disappointment of the campaign against prop 8 failing, but we cannot allow dissention and discord between minority groups. Especially when the majority will be the only clear winner. One never knows when the other minority’s influence, money or vote will be required in the next struggle. We should stay focused on change and do more to promote our issues to the public instead of finger pointing and freedom treading.
Words to consider from June Jordan:

“We will prevail because we have proven to the world and to ourselves that we are not “fringe elements” or “special interest groups” or so called “minorities”. Without us there is no legitimate majority. We are the mainstream.

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